senior source consulting group, senior living consultants, offers a unique on-boarding program to support new leadership during the most critical time.

Putting the right people in the right place at the right time is a critical component of success. Keeping them there can prove challenging.

Think about the last time your company lost one its best employees? Was this valuable asset stolen by the competition or did they just move on for "no apparent reason" at all?

The disruption to sales momentum and loss of intellectual capital can have a dangerous impact on your community's bottom line well into the future. 

Were the root causes of the turnover identified? What measures have been implemented to prevent such a recurrence?

Successful organizations address the root cause of vacancies and employee turnover.Studies show that supporting the whole person during the critical first 90 days of employment can help solidify a successful, productive and long-term relationship.

Consider adding Senior Source Consulting Group's, Fast Track Assimilation program to your on-boarding process to bolster success. This unique program complements your company's on-boarding process and helps to support your new hire throughout their first 90 days. 


Fast Track Assimilation for Senior Living

Supporting, Mentoring & Facilitating Communication

At Senior Source Consulting Group, we realize that properly supporting and acclimating new hires takes a lot of time. Studies show the first 45 days, in particular, are the most vulnerable.

That’s where our Fast Track Assimilation program can help fill the on-boarding gaps to get that new hire up and running faster. 

Senior Source Consulting Group currently offers FOUR unique tracks: Executive Director program; Sales Director program; Regional Sales Director program and a Regional Operations Director program. Each position-specific track provides tailored coaching, mentoring, brainstorming and information-sharing sessions.

Additionally, each track includes a Myers-Briggs assessment, which is the most widely utilized personality-trait inventory tool, helping new hires better understand their individual communication and decision-making styles.

With this individual support, you can confidently hire the quality individual you seek, perhaps even from outside the industry, to complement your existing team.

Senior Source Consulting Group's Fast Track Assimilation Program includes:

  • Senior Living Industry Overview
  • Understanding the Customer
  • Sales Process Tips
  • Sales Management Tips
  • Time Management Tips
  • Team Building Strategies  
  • Growing Resident & Family Referrals 
  • Importance of Online Reviews
  • Myers–Briggs Questionnaire 
  • Professional Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

And this is just the beginning. On-site and remote support and skills practice sessions are provided during your new associate's first 90 days. 

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs, At Senior Source Consulting Group, we are dedicated to helping the senior living industry create better experiences for Associates, Residents and their Families.

Fast Track Assimilation Program 

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