Amy McKinley has been an inspirational mentor of mine for 5 years. She is an imaginative nurturer of strengths and abilities of whom I, among many other senior living leaders, have learned from over the years. Amy never camouflages tough discussions as her relentless quest for success of those she encounters remains her priority. Her unique coaching style has lead to the success of many sales teams and occupancy gains in her wake. - C.S., Regional Sales Director 

Trying to increase occupancy in the midst of a renovation was not a walk in the park.  At Amy's advice, we began to focus on what we could control.  The entire team felt empowered by the impact they were having on the sales results.  Prior to implementing the new sales process, we were averaging a little over 2 move ins per month for 3 people.  Our visit to move in ratio was about 10%.  The first month we closed 11 sales and saw our closing ratio jump to 77%.  There was a DIRECT correlation between our use of the new process and the results!  It took our sales through the roof. - A.D., Sales and Marketing Director

I worked directly with Amy for several years in building occupancies in senior living over a large portfolio with all types of products from entry fee communities to assisted living to memory care. She was effective as a sales leader and consultant getting positive results in a reasonable amount of time. And she did so mainly by inspiring others through the coaching of practical, workable advice in how to generate leads and close hot prospects. Amy can move the occupancy needle. - F.E., Divisional Vice President 

I enjoyed working with Amy. It helps that she is confident and supportive in her approach. However, her passion for this industry and dedication to those she serves is what I appreciate most. She is a top notch communicator. She is able to identify leadership qualities in others and empowers them to do their best work. She doesn't just explain how to do something, she helps teams discover why. She is a visionary who understands it takes buy-in from the whole team to get there. - V.M., Sales and Marketing Director

During Libby's tenure at Freedom Plaza, she was the first and only Marketing Director to achieve 100% occupancy at our community. She is creative, enthusiastic, professional, compassionate, dedicated, energetic and her personality is infectious. Did I mention classy? She is one class act. I have known her for 11 years and have had the privilege of working with her for five. I miss working with her, she is amazing. - S.O., Administrative Assistant 

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I had the pleasure of working for Amy McKinley for several years as a Regional Director of Sales and Marketing. During this time, I learned and developed a strong background in sales strategy under Amy’s guidance. Amy had the ability to critically decipher what needed to be implemented to gain census and revenue. She was operationally minded and taught me a great deal about how to run a solid sales operation with the bottom line in mind. I would recommend Amy to participate in and build the sales culture and operations of any Senior Living Company. - L.G., Regional Director of Sales & Marketing 

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I have had the great privilege of working with Amy McKinley on and off for many years. Amy has been instrumental in shaping who I am both professional and personally. Through gentle coaching and continued mentoring, Amy helped me make definitive, effective decisions and supported me in every effort. Amy is focused, driven, compassionate, and thoughtful. She observes things most do not see, calculates carefully how to effectively solve or better any circumstance, and sets a plan in motion to achieve positive outcomes. She is also creative, bringing many innovative ideas in all facets of different disciplines. Amy reads situations clearly and strives to carefully consider personal matters while maintaining the utmost professionalism. Proactivity versus being reactionary is a motivation for Amy, so her forward thinking approach allows the future picture to come into present focus. Anyone is lucky to have Amy consulting and growing the team. She is skilled, ethical, balanced, and capable. - D.C., Corporate Director of Memory Care & Lifestyles 

I had the pleasure of working with Libby during her tenure as our Sales Manager for two assisted living communities my business partner and I owned in South Tampa: Adam’s House and At Home With Friends. We had recently completed a gorgeous, state of the art renovation at Adams House and needed to get those units filled. Within one year, Libby filled 100% of the units in the new wing by creating attractive models and helping families understand our special offering in the marketplace. Libby also developed key relationships in our South Tampa market with important health care partners. We had held events in the past, but Libby created a marketing plan to include a schedule of monthly and quarterly marketing events designed to increase targeted traffic and highlight both of our buildings. The networking events were very well attended by key referral sources such as area discharge planners, SNF Administrators, Elder Law Attorneys and other health care professionals. During her tenure, Libby elevated the usage and knowledge of our new Lead Management System and was able to fully utilize all of its functionality to stay on top of leads and close sales. Overall, we thought she did everything very well…Events, Outreach, Follow up, Closing Sales!! We were very happy with the level of creativity and professionalism she brought to our marketing program, and she leaves us in a strong position to continue to be the communities of choice in the South Tampa area. – S.S.S. President, Lighthouse Healthcare Group