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Your prospect spends hours online before you ever get to meet them. What they know about your community is based on what they read online. Not only on your website, but reviews, ratings and the impression your site makes compared with other communities in your market. How does your site measure up? 

At Senior Source Consulting Group, we take a unique approach to Website Usability Studies.  Our approach is highly customizable and delivers the exact findings you are looking for.  Our analysis looks beyond the pictures and layout of your website. With your input, we devise a set of tasks and specific search goals to evaluate your website's ease of use. The Usability Study can also include a Companion Study of the top competitors in your market to simulate the online search experience of your prospect.  We then provide you with a detailed report of the findings, along with actionable data by which to move forward. 

A Senior Source Consulting Group Website Usability Study Includes:

  • Establish Desired Tasks or Content to be Analyzed
  • Conduct Online Research
  • Videotape Users Performing Desired Tasks (Optional)
  • Analyze Ease of Use & Identify Potential Areas of Frustration or Misunderstanding 
  • Analyze Website Relative to Competitors in the Market (Companion Study)
  • Provide Detailed Report of Findings
  • Deliver Recommendations for Improvement 
  • Coordinate with Website Design Team to Implement Changes
  • Retest as Necessary 


Consumer Decision-Making Process. Having a user-friendly website is critical during the Information Search portion of the Consumer Decision Making Process. Help your prospect stay engaged and interested in learning more about your community by ensuring your website is inviting and easy to navigate and understand. 

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Can prospects easily locate the information they seek on your website? Or do they become frustrated; abandoning your site for a competitor? 

A recent article published in Senior Housing Forum indicates 81% of all purchase decisions begin with an online search. 

But showing up in search engine results is just the first step. How easy or perhaps not, is your website to navigate once your prospect finds you? ​

Does your website offer engaging copy and images? Can prospects easily locate the information they seek? Does your site offer advanced features such as Live Chat Now option and is that feature even important? What features actually compel website visitors to call or set an appointment to visit your community?  

Competition in senior living increases with each passing day. Don't lose another day not knowing how your website is being perceived by your target audience or how it stacks up to the competition. Let the Senior Source Consulting Group provide you with answers. Let us conduct a Website Usability Study on your behalf.

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