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A gap is a break between two objects; an unfilled space. A gap in performance is the difference between where you are and where you'd like to be. The gap represents an opportunity to achieve more. 


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A completed Gap Analysis and research identifies opportunities and helps to establish action steps and well-defined goals. It focuses planning to leverage strengths, minimize weaknesses and neutralize threats. 

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​"Grace Management, Inc. had the pleasure of enlisting the expertise of Senior Source Consulting Group for a Reputation Analysis and Mystery Shop project. Not only were the insights and analysis incredibly beneficial, the personal attention and expedient response exceeded expectations. I highly recommend the solutions provided by Senior Source Consulting Group!'

Kymm Clark

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Grace Management, Inc.

Tracking key indicators, senior living, coaching assisted living sales

Recruiting, sales training, coaching, and process improvement, plus monitoring the competitive environment are all vital to plan integration. Together, we'll help you achieve optimal results to close performance gaps. 

Gap Analysis

​"Sonata Senior Living used Senior Source Consulting for a recent mystery shop and the results were astounding! This was by far the most comprehensive and valuable analysis I have ever received. Kudos to the Senior Source team for such a thorough job that not only provides comparative data, but draws on their industry experience and knowledge to identify creative opportunities for improvement."

Shelley Esden
Chief Operating Officer

Sonata Senior Living

Argentum - Expanding Senior Living

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  • Sales & Marketing Focus - For Sustainable Revenue Growth 
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Research & Reporting - For Informed Decision-Making
  • Industry-Specific Insight - By Highly Experienced Senior Living Professionals 
  • Recommendations & Bright Ideas -  Actionable Suggestions for Immediate Improvement
  • Personalized Approach - Specific to your Project, Objectives, and Market
  • Forward Thinking Talent Solutions - Attract, Cultivate & Retain Top Talent for Maximum Performance
  • Strategic Partnerships - Collaborative Approach to Improving Sales Performance and Building Occupancy

​​​​​Senior Source Consulting Group (SSCG) provides a variety of services designed to improve senior living sales and occupancy performance.

By working with our team of industry experts, we endeavor to view each situation with fresh eyes. Our goal is to help our clients uncover their strengths and advise on ways to mitigate threats from the competition. Each project is customized to provide community-specific solutions, relative to the competitors in the market. 

Common areas that can drag down financial performance include lackluster sales execution and vacant leadership positions.  ​Partner with SSCG to close performance gaps and enjoy greater success in the days and months ahead. 

A well-defined plan serves as a springboard to energize, mobilize and focus key resources with purpose, commitment and determination to make the plan come alive. 

Our Mission: Improve the Customer Experience

Senior Source Consulting Group (SSCG) was founded in 2016 with an enthusiastic spirit to address the sales and marketing challenges facing the senior living industry. With an unwavering commitment to helping senior living organizations achieve occupancy and revenue goals by improving the customer experience, we pledge to provide well-researched solutions that deliver desired and long-lasting results by attracting and retaining engaged and satisfied residents. 

Gap Analysis, Senior Living, Sales Performance Improvement Plan
Senior Living Sales and Marketing Solutions to Close Performance Gaps

"The work that Senior Source Consulting produced for a special project for Sodexo exceeded expectations in detail, timeliness, creativity, and overall execution.  In one aspect of the process, the team conducted mystery shops, and the approach was unlike any I have seen.  We were able to meet our deadline and provide outstanding value to our clients, thanks to Senior Source Consulting Group."

Lindsay Casillas
Vice President of Sales & Business Development

Sodexo Seniors North America

  • "Recover Strong:" Customized Marketing Analysis & Action Plan Development
  • Community "Turn-Around" Services - Diagnostic & Implementation services with "boots on the ground" expertise and support
  • Database & Lead Analysis - Uncover the stories your leads are telling to make informed decisions
  • Executive Search & Talent Recruitment Services​​ - Let us help you fill community and corporate leadership positions, Full Time & Interim Positions
  • Executive Director "Superstar" Coaching Program - Creating "Sales Driver" Executive Directors through a supportive coaching program 
  • Mystery Shops & Competitor Analysis - Telephone, website, and in-person shops available. In-person shops may be limited based on a state's COVID-19 guidelines  
  • Market Feasibility Studies - Market Analysis, Demand Surveys, Pricing & Occupancy, Competitor Analysis for Senior Living construction and expansion
  • Reputation Analysis & Market Intelligence Research - Comprehensive 360-degree analysis to uncover strategic and tactical opportunities
  • Sales Training - Connecting with HEART - Develop an Empathetic, Prospect-Oriented Sales Culture
  • Sales Coaching - VIRTUAL Sales Skills & Talent Development Programs. Delivered via Zoom with a private Sales Coach. Designed for Executive Directors and Sales Teams to master critical Discovery and Closing skills. Tap into the Talents of your Teams for better performance.  Ask about our successful new Art of Discovery program! 
  • Sales Performance Mystery Shops - Gauge sales team effectiveness as you recover from COVID-19 - OPTIONAL Coaching Delivery - results delivered by a Sales Coach to conveniently and immediately enhance performance
  • "Occupancy is a Team Sport" Sales Culture Development - Learn how to adopt a team-oriented Sales Culture to outshine the competitors
  • Online Customer Experience Analysis & Web Inquiry Mystery Shop -- 97% of purchase decisions start with an online search. Be sure your sales process outshines the competitors to capture prospects in the market! 
  • Prospect Opinion Surveys & Referral Source "Reputation" & Awareness Surveys (Telephone) - Determine the strength of your current database and awareness among potential referral sources
  • ​Referral Source Development Programs - Outreach and Business Development
  • Resident Referral Development Programs - Tap into your best salespeople - your residents!
  • Sales Management Services - Virtual support to help Sales Teams find greater success to advance the sale and improve closing ratios   
  • Social Media/Facebook - Speak to and engage with your target audience
  • Strategy& Brainstorming Sessions - FUN and PRODUCTIVE! :) 
  • 3 Step Myers-Briggs Relationship Booster & Team Building Program - help foster understanding between individuals and jump-start relationships more successfully to thrive in a COVID-19 world and beyond!
  • Tell us what support you need. We will help connect you with the right resources!   

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