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Executive Search and Senior Living Recruiting Services 

Your days are already filled to the brim, and vacant positions are costing you in terms of continuity and productivity.

The good news is -- you are not alone. Partner with SSCG to help fill critical leadership positions quickly with qualified, hand-selected candidates. DRIVE PERFORMANCE BY SECURING TOP TALENT. 

At Senior Source Consulting Group (SSCG), we approach our executive search work thoughtfully and with a high level of personalization, efficiency, and helpfulness

Through longevity and experience in the senior living industry, the consultants and executive search professionals at Senior Source Consulting Group have built trusting relationships throughout the industry for more than 30+ years. 

As our client, we will represent you well to ensure your goals are achieved.

Our recruitment services focus exclusively on the senior living industry, and we specialize in clinical, sales, and operations roles.

Positions our firm recruits:

  • Executive Directors
  • Licensed Nursing Home Administrators
  • Sales Professionals & Sales Directors
  • Nursing Professionals, DONs, ADONs
  • Wellness Directors
  • Regional & Multi-Site Specialists
  • C-Suite /Executive Leadership Roles - Ops, Clinical & Sales 
  • Other Community Leadership roles such as Finance Directors, HR Directors, Executive Chefs, etc. ​
  • Full Time & Interim Positions 

Partner with the senior living experts at Senior Source Consulting Group to fill leadership roles quickly and with highly qualified candidates. 

Contact us today.

Our firm provides a full suite of recruiting services in support of your company's performance and revenue growth, and we have an unwavering commitment to delivering quality for all our senior living clients. 

Our executive recruiters come from the senior living industry.  We understand the unique dynamics necessary for success. And our team truly understands the importance of vision and mission and how teams must work together to achieve goals. Our Executive Search team is uniquely qualified to identify key leadership qualities that inspire and drive performance.

By starting with a Gap Analysis, we'll determine what is most important to you. What does the candidate need to accomplish, in what amount of time? What are the issues they are going to have to overcome/solve? What skills, talents, and backgrounds are most desirable? 

Let us do the heavy lifting. Let us identify, pre-qualify, and present only the highest quality candidates to help you fill positions efficiently and seamlessly. 

Work with SSCG: 

  • Enjoy a Personalized Approach 
  • Presentation of Highly Skilled Candidates
  • Communication in your Preferred Manner
  • Coordination with HR and other members of your team
  • Assistance in Crafting & Presenting Offers
  • Assistance in Coordinating Interviews, Follow Up & Conducting Reference Checks 
  • Optional - Sales Training for Sales Associates to Help Sharpen Sales Skills for Faster Success
  • Optional - ED "Superstar" Training for Executive Directors to Help Create Sales Driver ED's
  • Optional 3 Step Myers-Briggs - Relationship Booster Team Building Program to help foster understanding between any two individuals and jump-start relationships more successfully to thrive in a COVID-19 world 

"Having a hand in who is getting hired to take care of these families AND driving performance for our clients is a natural fit and a gratifying extension of our business," Amy McKinley, CEO & Co-Founder of SSCG.

senior source consulting group offers senior living executive search services to help senior living communities fill critical leadership positions quickly and smoothly.

"Senior Source Consulting Group led the charge on recent staffing in which initial searches went quite well. Resources such as these that save time are absolutely invaluable to the productivity of our business.”

Kevin J. Bennema

Founder and CEO

Charter Senior Living

"We had two tough positions to fill recently and were amazed at how quickly we were sent two high-quality candidates. They were placed within two weeks, thanks to Senior Source Consulting Group.” 

Jayne Sallerson

Partner and COO

Charter Senior Living

SeniorSource Consulting Group

Senior Source Consulting Group

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