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"I used Senior Source Consulting for a project that involved market analysis and a series of various shops. They did a thorough job and went out of their way to turn it around quickly so I could include analysis in my presentation at an important meeting."

Rebecca Wheeler

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Brookdale Senior Living

In-Person Mystery Shops 

What Type of Prospect Experience is your Community Delivering?

Customers reach out to your community in a variety of ways: sometimes connecting through your website; making a direct call; stopping by for a visit after work or making an appointment in advance.  Are you 100% confident your prospects are having the absolute best experience whichever WAY and whichever DAY they are choosing to inquire? 

Senior Source Consulting Group mystery shop consultants can shed light on the prospect experience so you can be sure.  Our consultants have extensive experience in the industry and are highly trained to dig deep with every shop.  Our clients find our approach to gathering and delivering mystery shop results to be comprehensive and insightful. Best of all, our shops are completely customizable and flexible; just let us know what information you are most interested in gathering and that will become the focus of our shop. 

Perhaps you are interested to know if your new sales training program is taking hold? Or your dining program is on point? Or your new pricing model is being communicated effectively? Senior Source will incorporate your specifications to help you gain a better understanding of the items most important to you.

Our deep-dive mystery shop reports include Sales Process Analysis, Pricing Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Online Customer Experience Analysis, Rating & Ranking Graphs, and much more. Additionally, we provide solid recommendations for ways to leverage your community's strengths, and we share Bright Ideas throughout the final report designed to help you improve closing ratios, minimize threats from the competition and deliver the best possible customer experience.  

Don't spend another day not knowing. Secure objective and actionable data. Let the Senior Source Consulting Group conduct a series of mystery shops on your behalf today.

"​The work that Senior Source Consulting produced for a special project for Sodexo exceeded expectations in detail, timeliness, creativity, and overall execution.  In one aspect of the process, the team conducted mystery shops, and the approach was unlike any I have seen.  We were able to meet our deadline and provide outstanding value to our clients, thanks to Senior Source Consulting Group."

Lindsay Casillas
Vice President of Sales & Business Development
Sodexo Seniors North America

"​Senior Source Consulting did a phenomenal job reviewing our sales and marketing associates. They were extremely detailed and provided a nice balance of positive aspects of their tour/visit, as well as areas of opportunity for the community and individual. We found them really wanting to give honest feedback with the intention on helping partner with us to improve and become stronger in the market."

Kim Ellis

District Director of Operations 

Brookdale Senior Living​

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At Senior Source Consulting Group, we create a senior living mystery shop experience that is highly engaging and believable, and best of all, delivers comprehensive findings customized to match your expectations and sales process.

Mystery Shop Service for Senior Housing

Senior Source consultants can provide you with great insight regarding the performance of your receptionists, sales team, after-hour teams and other key associates regarding the overall impression and appeal of your community. 

Our analysis will provide you a 360-degree view of your prospect's experience to help you outshine the competition.

Select which Mystery Shop Solution is right for you:

  • Sales & Operational Performance Shop
  • Deep Dive In-Person Mystery Shop
  • Competitor Analysis In-Person Mystery Shop
  • Sales Performance Telphone Mystery Shop (recorded) - Includes Coaching Tips
  • After-Hours/Weekend Mystery Shop
  • Follow-Up Mystery Shop to Measure Improvement
  • Pre-Renovation or Acquisition Shop

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