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Senior Source Consulting Group also offers a 7-week program geared toward helping senior living Executive Directors create a Team Approach to Occupancy.

Participating ED's will learn how to positively impact sales results at their community.  

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Tapping into your Talent 

Competition for Prospects is fierce. Sales and operations teams must work together to deliver an effective sales process. A positive Customer Experience is critical to gain the confidence of today's prospect. 

These weekly coaching calls have been designed to address the most common challenges facing senior living today and have been created to help communities outshine their competition.

Participants learn new techniques to connect on a deeper level with prospects, brainstorm ways to overcome challenges, identify the opportunities that exist, and celebrate successes. These Zoom coaching calls provide a supportive learning environment with a personal sales coach in which to develop new skills to reach desired sales and occupancy goals. 

Areas addressed: 

  • How to Conduct Effective Inquiry Calls
  • Why Discovery is so Critical  
  • The Importance of Personalization
  • Prospect Visit/Tour Strategies
  • Creating Value
  • Effective Closing Techniques 
  • Creative Follow Up
  • Overcoming Objections

With professional support to reinforce new skills, you can confidently promote or hire the qualified individual you seek, perhaps even from outside the industry, to complement your existing team.

This Program: 

  • Creates an Empathetic Sales Culture
  • Fosters a Team Approach to Occupancy

Optional Topics Available:

  • Time Management Tips 
    • Growing Resident & Family Referrals 
      • Outreach & Business Development
Senior Source Consulting Group

An effective sales process is made up of deliberate steps -- in a specific order -- to successfully create value and trust. But most people are not born automatically knowing how to sell.

Do you have a new or struggling Sales Director or Sales Counselor? Simply replacing one associate with another is a low probability way to see material improvement. 

Invest in your team instead!  Senior Source Consulting Group's virtual sales coaching and skills development program can help fill performance gaps to get that new or struggling Sales Director or Sales Associate up and running faster.

This program taps into the talent of your team. Coaching calls help positive, prospect-oriented, sales-oriented habits form. Sales teams will learn the importance of Discovery, how to close and conduct follow up and more. Most importantly, Sales & Operations will learn to work hand in hand to consistently convert "nice tours" into "new residents."

Start building confidence and positive momentum today! ​ 

Fast Track Assimilation for Senior Living

Today, senior living Sales Teams need to be more prospect-oriented than ever before.

Achieve Sales Success in Senior Living.

Designed for Sales Associates, Sales Directors, and Executive Directors in Senior Living. Work with a highly experienced and award-winning sales coach in weekly Zoom sessions. Learn essential prospect-oriented sales skills to personally connect with prospects, make prospects feel heard and appreciated, build confidence among the team, and effectively turn "nice tours" into new residents. 

Ideal for new sales associates! Ideal for EDs to learn how to manage the sales efforts in their community! And especially important for all sales associates who struggle to secure deposits as a result of their efforts. This program helps participants gain critical sales skills to better compete in even the most competitive market. 

Senior Source Consulting Group

Sales & Marketing Solutions to Close Performance Gaps

senior source consulting group, senior living consultants, offers sales coaching & Skills Development Programs to help sales & operations teams achieve greater success during covid-19 and beyond! 

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Invest in Building Critical Prospect-Oriented Sales Skills to Achieve Occupancy Goals