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Use the Power of Social Media to Stand Out in a Crowd.

Senior living is a major growth area in the health care sector that is poised to continue growing in the years ahead. Strong growth has led to more competition, especially as amenities and offerings become more numerous and luxurious.

In such a competitive market, a strong social media strategy is an essential part of the marketing mix to communicate, educate, entertain and build your organization's brand.

Social media can be used to promote activities and amenities that capture daily life at your community and can be delivered in real-time, but most importantly, it's can be a very cost effective way to communicate your message and set your community apart from the competition.

At Senior Source Consulting Group, we'll help you develop a social media strategy that's coordinated with your overall marketing and business strategies, and we'll establish your social media goals; define your audience, and track your results to ensure the strategy is yielding desired outcomes.

Contact us today to discuss your community's social media goals. 

Did you know? 

  • 97% of purchase decisions begin with an online search.
  • Facebook has over 1 billion users (about half the total worldwide number of people on the Internet), Twitter 170 million, Google+ has 100 million.
  • Social media offers an affordable way to promote your business and can help your website get more traffic.
  • Social media should be considered an essential component of today's marketing mix.  


Online is today's first stop for information.  Let Senior Source Consulting Group create a Social Media strategy you can have confidence in.

Social Media Strategy 

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Consumers continue to turn to Social Media for reviews and information. Ask about our Facebook Engagement training.

In just two hours, learn the essentials for creating and maintaining an engaging Facebook page to promote your senior living community. We'll show you the essentials such as tagging for greater exposure, how to add products and services, how to boost posts to reach your target audience, how to leverage the events section of Facebook, and more. Contact us today for more information.