A completed Gap Analysis identifies opportunities and helps to establish well-defined goals. It focuses planning to leverage strengths, minimize weaknesses and neutralize threats. 

Senior Source Consulting Group, senior living consulting firm, provides services for senior living:

Tracking key indicators, senior living, coaching assisted living sales

Recruiting, training, mentoring and coaching plus tracking key indicators and monitoring the competitive environment are all vital to plan integration. Together, we'll help you achieve optimal results to close performance gaps. 

Gap Analysis


  • Sales & Marketing Focus - For Sustainable Revenue Growth 
  • Comprehensive Research & Reporting - Both Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Industry-Specific Insight - By Experienced Senior Living Professionals 
  • Suggestions, Recommendations and Bright Ideas - Thoughtful, Well-Researched and Actionable Insight
  • Personalized Approach - Specific to your Project, Objectives, and Market
  • Strategic Partnerships - Collaborative Approach to Improving Sales Performance and Building Occupancy
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A well-defined plan serves as a springboard to energize, mobilize and focus key resources with purpose, commitment and determination to make the plan come alive. 

OUR mission: Improve the customer experience

Senior Source Consulting Group was founded in 2016 with an enthusiastic spirit to address the sales and marketing challenges facing the senior living industry. With an unwavering commitment to helping organizations achieve occupancy and revenue goals by improving the customer experience, we pledge to provide well-researched solutions that deliver desired and long-lasting results by attracting and retaining engaged and satisfied residents. 

Gap Analysis, Senior Living, Sales Performance Improvement Plan
Senior Living, Marketing Plan Execution, Occupancy Improvement, Assisted Living

"The work that Senior Source Consulting produced for a special project for Sodexo exceeded expectations in detail, timeliness, creativity, and overall execution.  In one aspect of the process, the team conducted mystery shops, and the approach was unlike any I have seen.  We were able to meet our deadline and provide outstanding value to our clients, thanks to Senior Source Consulting Group."

Lindsay Casillas
Vice President of Sales & Business Development

Sodexo Seniors North America

SeniorSource Consulting Group


​"Sonata Senior Living used Senior Source Consulting for a recent mystery shop and the results were astounding! This was by far the most comprehensive and valuable analysis I have ever received. Kudos to the Senior Source team for such a thorough job that not only provides comparative data, but draws on their industry experience and knowledge to identify creative opportunities for improvement."

Shelley Esden
Chief Operating Officer

Sonata Senior Living

  • Market Intelligence Research
  • In-Person Mystery Shop Services
  • In-Person Competitor Analysis Research
  • SWOT Analysis  
  • Customer Experience Analysis
  • Online Customer Experience Analysis
  • Pricing & Incentive Analysis
  • Facebook Strategy Development
  • Sales Training - Connecting with HEART
  • On-Site Sales Management, Coaching and Mentoring Visits​
  • Tapping Into Your Talent - Occupancy & Professional Development Calls 
  • Sales Process Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Business Development Strategies 
  • Resident Referral & Prospect Event Strategies
  • On-Site Deep Dive and Implementation Visits
  • Fast Track Assimilation 
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Search Services

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Senior Source Consulting Group

Sales & Marketing Solutions to Close Performance Gaps

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A gap is a break between two objects; an unfilled space. A gap in performance is the difference between where you are and where you'd like to be. The gap represents an opportunity to achieve more. 

Gap Analysis, Senior Living, Marketing Plan Development