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These services are suitable for new communities, under-performing communities, and acquisition & renovation projects. To learn more, contact us today by completing the form below. 

Is your community showing its age?

Has occupancy declined as new competitors have entered the market? Are you planning to invest millions to renovate your community to stay relevant in the eyes of today's demanding senior living prospects? Perhaps you are considering acquiring a turn-around portfolio or building a brand new senior living community? 

If so, you're about to undergo an expensive proposition. Researching the needs and wants of your target market and truly understanding what the competitors are offering will play a vital role in the decisions you make and where you invest resources.   

How your community communicates to prospects, residents, family members, and referral sources during a renovation or launch into a market will dictate the immediate and future performance of that community. Understanding the true competitive landscape, such as which features, finishes, and amenities will gain favor with your target customer, the proper unit mix, and pricing and marketing strategies all play an essential role in creating excitement and building momentum. And there's only one chance to make the right decisions that will resonate with your prospects - online and in-person.

Early strategic planning and execution of the marketing and communication plans are essential. Nothing is harder to turn around than a "soft" entry/re-entry into a market. Negative impressions and reputation concerns can spread quickly if fill-up is delayed or occupancy drops significantly, for whatever reason.

Increase the success factor by working with the senior living specialists at Senior Source Consulting Group. We will help you gather insightful market intelligence and help create the plans necessary to set your community up for long-lasting success.

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Senior Source Consulting Group's Sales & Marketing Services

  • Demand Analysis & Market Research
  • Marketing & Communication Plan Development
  • Sales Compensation/Bonus Structure Planning
  • Sales Process & Sales Culture Development 
  • Tiered & Time Sensitive Pricing Strategies to Create Momentum
  • Deposit & Move-In Strategies to Create Excitement
  • Competitor Analysis & Threat Mitigation Planning 
  • Online and Social Media Analysis & Strategies to Galvanize Resident/Family/Vendor Referrals 
  • Focus Groups & Referral Source Interviews & Business Development Initiatives to Mobilize Word of Mouth Referrals 
  • Event Planning to Heighten Prospect Engagement 
  • Positioning Analysis & Action Planning to "Own" Your Lane in the Market 
  • Resident Referral & Resident Ambassador Program Development to Energize & Reward Your "Best Salespeople" 
  • Lifestyle/Activity Program Development to Attract Today's Discerning Customer

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Senior Source Consulting Group, Senior Housing Consulting Firm

"Senior Source Consulting Group did a comprehensive competitive analysis to assist us in staying ahead of our market and define our strategies. I was extremely impressed with their thoroughness, professionalism, and attention to details. I found Libby to be extremely communicative and accessible. She went above and beyond for us and the impact of their consulting project has had a tremendous positive impact for our local teams. Looking forward to working with Senior Source again VERY soon!"

Margaret Cabell
Divisional Director of Sales and Marketing

senior source consulting group, senior living consulting firm, offers Senior Housing Market research and marketing strategy development to capitalize on opportunities

Berengaria Development - We are the real estate arm of Marcus Investments LLC, a private investment firm created by the Marcus Family, controlling stakeholders in the Marcus Corporation (NYS: MCS), and leaders in the lodging and entertainment industries.

​"Senior Source was able to complete a detailed market comp analysis on very short notice.  Having reviewed plenty of competitive analyses the expectation for a useful report was low, couldn't have been more wrong.  The detailed feedback on each community was insightful and actionable with the empirical data that is expected in a detailed market comp analysis. 

Would recommend Senior Source to anyone who needs to understand a new market at the operational level.  

Dan Sisel

Partner - Private Equity Real Estate | Asset Management | Investment Analysis | Redevelopment | Finance | Family Office

Berengaria -- A Marcus Investments Company

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