What Makes this Senior Living Sales Training Different?

Senior Source’s Connecting with HEART Sales Training sets itself apart from other sales training programs right from the start; right from the very first inquiry call.

Based on three guiding pillars: Caring, Curiosity and Connecting, our sales training taps into the ways humans feel, connect, process information and evaluate options.

Connecting with HEART helps Sales Professionals better understand their prospect's emotional state and educates them about the influential role they are playing during the prospect’s critical decision-making journey. Connecting with HEART teaches specific ways to elevate the customer experience, connect on a deeper level, engage the entire community, stand apart from the competition, and perhaps most importantly, close the sale.

Our goal is to help you build an effective sales culture. By developing your management and sales teams, Connecting with HEART will help create a team of top performers.

And by focusing on delivering an outstanding customer experience, your prospect's journey becomes a personalized and memorable one. 

Senior Source Consulting Group takes a unique approach to sales training that is effective, inspiring and fun. We engage the whole team and bolster sales efforts by capitalizing on the skills, talents, and creativity of your associates. This collaborative approach will allow you to delight your prospects beyond their imagination and dramatically set your community apart from the competition. 

Let's get started! We look forward to hearing from you. 

Connecting with HEART: Senior Living Sales Training 

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Senior Living Sales Training

"After implementing the process, we closed 11 sales at a visit to move-in conversion rate of 77%. There was a DIRECT correlation between using this process and the results! It took our sales through the roof."

A.D, Sales & Marketing Director 

"Capri Senior Living engaged Senior Source Consulting to establish the foundation of our sales process. Centered on relationship selling, “Connecting with HEART” is a natural cultural fit with our organization. Senior Source Consulting’s guided approach of before and after training & follow up ensures the program is understood and embedded. We are very pleased with the immediate energy and lift it has provided in our sales approach."

Cindy Robinson, Director of Sales & Marketing, Capri Senior Living

Delight prospects like never before! Boost sales and outshine the competition.

Arm your sales and operations teams with knowledge and enthusiasm that supports your prospect's journey. 

Connecting with HEART sales training doesn't just involve the Sales Team. To ensure that learning comes to life in each community and is infused into every prospect interaction, we include department heads and other key associates to join in the training. With marketing and operations working hand in hand, prospects receive a meaningful and personalized visit every time.

Connecting with HEART Sales Training:

  • Delivers a Whole Community Approach
  • Builds Your Team's Confidence
  • Taps into Your Team's Creativity
  • Teaches Valuable Closing Skills
  • Improves the Customer Experience
  • Increases Sales
  • Boosts Resident Referrals
  • Engages & Retains the Best Associates
  • Develops Your Management & Sales Teams
  • Creates Top Performers
  • Builds an Effective Sales Culture
  • Is Suitable for Large or Small Groups
  • Provides Options for Ongoing On-Site and Telecoaching Sessions To Maintain Skills
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