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The Making of an Executive Director Superstar! 

senior source consulting group, senior living consultants, offers a team-oriented leadership Program to help Executive Directors drive sales performance at their community

When Executive Directors harness the power of their teams to drive occupancy, the strength of that team is unstoppable. 

A good senior living Executive Director is adept at many things: cultivating resident and associate satisfaction, managing the budget, planning for capital improvements, and ensuring regulatory compliance to assure quality care, all while maintaining a high degree of professionalism.

But a Superstar Executive Director can ALSO harness the creativity and passion of their team to consistently achieve and exceed the community's financial goals. A Superstar Executive Director sets the compass for the community's culture, particularly the community's SALES culture. 

Consumer surveys reveal which features help a community gain a competitive advantage in the market. Rarely is it the building. Always, it is the people! 

To determine if a community is fully harnessing its people potential -- ask the following questions:

  • How quickly does the community respond to inquiries?
  • What are the expectations for how the Concierge greets Prospects?
  • Do department heads engage with Prospects?
  • Does the community discuss Prospects during Stand Up meetings each morning?
  • Does the Executive Director make it a point to meet each Prospect?
  • Are residents routinely introduced to Prospects? 
  • Is there a team expectation that "everyone is in sales"?

If there are not solid expectations behind each of these questions, this represents an opportunity to create a more prospect- oriented sales culture; one that will improve lead generation and enhance closing ratios.

If you have a good ED, why not invest in your associate to create a Superstar ED?!

Senior Source Consulting Group's program will help get your team to the next level! 

Learn more today:

Senior Source Consulting Group offers a 7-week program geared toward helping senior living Executive Directors gain confidence in creating a Team Approach to Occupancy. Participating ED's will learn how they can impact prospects' impressions to positively impact sales results at their community.  

This 7-week program is delivered virtually via Zoom with a personal coach. Each week's session is 90 minutes.

Topics to be covered include: 

  • How to be an Effective Sales Driver
  • Creating a Team Approach to Occupancy
  • Creating Value through Personalization
  • Planning for Prospect Visits
  • Conducting a SWOT Analysis
  • Building Family & Resident Referrals
  • Making the Most of the Lifestyles Programming
  • The Importance of Online Reviews
  • Ratings & Reputation Management
  • MOD Tips & Tricks ​

Competition in most markets is fierce. Sales and operations teams must work together to deliver a VIP Prospect Experience that outshines the competition. A Superstar Executive Director leads the charge in harnessing the power of the community's associates and residents to gain the confidence of today's discerning prospect. 

This program is ideal for Executive Directors who are:

  • New to a community
  • New to the senior living industry
  • Struggling to make census gains
  • Experiencing high turnover
  • Endeavoring to improve resident satisfaction
  • Seeking to improve associate satisfaction ​
  • Aspiring to improve lead generation, occupancy, closing ratios, and overall financial performance  

Senior Source Consulting Group, Senior Housing Consulting Firm
Senior Source Consulting Group

Participating ED's will learn how to positively impact sales results at their community; how to create a sales-oriented culture; and how to leverage the talents of the team to adopt a Team Approach to Growing Occupancy.

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