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Libby Lauer, MS, Co-Founder & COO

Senior Source Consulting Group

With more than 25 years of marketing and sales experience in the field of senior living, Libby has devised innovative and practical solutions to overcome occupancy and performance challenges facing senior living communities in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S. With a track record of success ranging from CCRCs to free-standing Assisted Living Communities and Memory Care, in both for-profit and not-for-profit arenas, Libby has consistently delivered results in the following areas: Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Sales & Sales Management, effective CRM Utilization, Community Relations & Business Development, Event Planning, and Overall Development of Creative and Strategic Marketing Initiatives. 

Amy McKinley, Co-Founder & CEO

Senior Source Consulting Group

Amy has been a driver of top-level performance in the senior living industry for more than 31 years and has worked for some of the industry’s most prominent and respected providers. She is a talented sales leader, sales trainer and a highly effective coach.  Over the years, Amy has worked with more than 200 teams and hundreds of individuals to leverage their strengths to produce better results and enhance their personal growth.  Amy is able to quickly assess a situation, make sound decisions and recommendations and take action to drive improved performance.  She is an effective liaison and team-builder and has a unique ability to build productive and lasting partnerships across all sales and operational departments.  Amy is a strong mentor for her teams and has, over the years, been able to identify and foster leadership qualities in others. She is insightful and passionate about building programs to drive customer interest and engagement. 

Susan Kirstein

Research Analyst, Consultant, Senior Source Consulting Group
​Susan brings more than 18 years of specialized senior living expertise to her role as Research Analyst at Senior Source Consulting Group. This extensive industry knowledge allows her to deeply understand our client’s goals for data and market research to quickly and creatively collect valuable information to enable our clients to properly plan and continue to operate at an optimal level.

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Laura Cassidy, MA

CEO Cassidy Consulting, LLC 

For over 25 years, Laura has been working with leaders and teams in organizations to help increase their effectiveness. Her strength is working with senior leaders to design high impact off-site meetings and conferences that build strong team relationships through strategic team-building events. She is a warm and engaging workshop leader and team facilitator. Competencies include Team-Building Seminars, Retreats & Conferences; Leadership Development & Coaching; New Leader Assimilation; Human Resources & Organizational Development, and Communications Training.Laura holds a Master of Arts degree in Human Resources Development and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. She is certified as a Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) professional and is certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and other leadership development and 360-degree feedback tools.   

Senior Source Consulting Group believes in the power of leadership development. When leaders feel supported, particularly during their first 90 days, their chances of success increase dramatically. We are proud to partner with Cassidy Consulting to help support and grow the senior living leaders of tomorrow.

Debra Rivas, MHSA

Executive Search Specialist, Senior Source Consulting Group

With more than 30 years of marketing and sales experience in the field of senior living, Debra has longterm care management experience in diverse environments, including Independent, Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s, and Skilled Nursing Facilities. During the last decade, Debra held senior marketing positions, providing support to leading healthcare corporations. In these positions, she repeatedly exceeded occupancy goals through staff training and census development programs. Debra has an unwavering passion to serve senior living communities nationwide, applying her professional expertise and intuition to identify quality candidates for executive, senior, mid-level and community-level management positions.

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