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Coaching & Program development available

Senior Source Consulting Group Business Development Solutions Include:

  • Development of Resident Referral Programs
  • Resident Ambassador Programs
  • Business Development Through Outreach Efforts and Neighborhood Partnership Strategies 
  • Family & Resident Communication Planning
  • Programming Evaluation & Repositioning
  • Lifestyle Planning & Co-Marketing
  • Board Relations & Management
  • Performance Tracking & Reporting
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Targeted Event Planning 
  • Zoom Webinars to Coach and Create
  • On-Site Visits & Team Collaberatation  

Did you know...move-ins from referrals move in faster and stay longer than paid referrals? 

Consider what an amplified Business Development strategy could do for you? 

Let our team of talented senior living consultants help you build an army of loyal residents, family members, and referral sources through engaging events, targeted outreach, enticing rewards, and community involvement to encourage each group to advocate on your community's behalf. 

Augment these referral-generating efforts by leveraging the powerful 24/7 reach of social media to create a Business Development plan that heightens awareness and creates value for each target audience you desire to reach.   

​Our customized approach leverages your unique people and programs to showcase the strengths of each individual community. 

Together, we can coach your team for greater success and help you create a plan that will deeply entrench your internal and external customers into community life and create top of mind awareness on your behalf. Our strategies leverage relationships to enhance the lives of your residents and drive better occupancy results. 

It's time to engage, excite, and leverage your relationships to gain a superior market position.  

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Business Development Strategies for Senior Living  

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