Senior Source Consulting Group's Tapping in your Talent sales skills development program is a unique 7-week program delivered via Zoom, by an experienced, award-winning Sales Coach. 

These supportive Coaching calls are personalized to ONE community team at a time (Sales Associate + Executive Director.) The sessions are positive and supportive in nature and help build a cohesive, team-oriented sales culture. The program covers the following critical areas for success:  

  • How to Conducting Effective Inquiry Calls
  • The Importance of Discovery
  • How to Create A Team Approach to Occupancy
  • How to Create Value
  • How to Trial Close, Set Next Steps, and Close
  • Expanded Topics Can Be Added such as​
  • Boosting Resident Referrals
  • Business Development Strategies
  • How to Maximize your Lifestyle Programming
  • The Importance of Online Reviews, and more 

With professional support to reinforce the development of new skills, you can confidently hire the qualified individual you seek, perhaps even from outside the industry, to complement your existing team.

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senior source consulting group, senior living consultants, offers a unique sales Skills Development Program to support sales efforts in senior living.

Tap into your Talent: 

Sales Skills Development Program 

Are Sales & Financial Performance lagging at your community?

Even in a COVID-19 world, sales in senior living ARE happening. But now more than ever, sales efforts must be personalized to build the trust necessary to turn a new lead into a new resident.

Oftentimes, when sales performance lags, teams are quickly replaced. At Senior Source Consulting Group, we have found that just replacing one associate with a NEW associate does not result in a material gain, and just hiring for "experience" does not always equate to adding "sales skills" because MOST people are not born knowing how to sell. 

Ask these questions:

  • Does your Executive Director have the confidence to lead sales efforts at the community?
  • Does your Sales Team know how to close? 

An effective sales process is made up of deliberate steps -- in a specific order -- to successfully create value and trust. Developing the SKILLS and TALENTS of your Salespeople and your Executive Directors can help improve closing ratios FASTER than replacing a salesperson or an Executive Director, AND prevents the disruption and distrust that is caused by frequent changes and turnover.

Consider investing in Senior Source Consulting Group's, Tapping into your Talent sales skills development program to bolster overall success.

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